My first pearl is take your time. Do not be in any hurry. When you see a physician for the first time bring prepared questions with you, ask lots of questions and see lots of photos. Be sure that the photographs that you are looking at are the ones of the physician you are speaking to, and that they are not retouched. How long has the physician been performing hair transplants?, is the physician a specialist or general practitioner (you can verify the training with the college of physician and surgeon website – college of physician and surgeon website) does he do any other type of surgery?, what percentage of his practice is hair transplants? Is the operating room certified by the College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario out of hospital facilities OHF program Does he advertise? Spending a lot of money on expensive advertising does not always mean that that physician is any better, or worse, than a physician who relies on referrals from other physicians or word of mouth from happy patients. Make sure the physician answers all your questions appropriately. Ask to see the offices and O.R.’s. Ask to see patients’ of the physician. Make sure that the person you are speaking to is the person who will be performing the surgery, and is not a consultant. Does the physician offer different types of grafts and techniques? Some physicians like to perform only one type of graft or use only one type of technique. Because patients expectations, goals, hair characteristics, amounts of hair loss and future hair loss can differ, what may be best for one patient not be best for another. I offer different grafting techniques, different grafting sizes and approaches depending on what is discussed at consultation.