teal DR. HONG'S INVOLVEMENT | FUE-Canada - Dr. Colin Hong


Dr.Colin Hong feels it is crucial to the success of the transplant that he is involve in all the stages of the procedure. He see all patients to understands their expectation, the current condition of his or her hair, their medical history and current medication. The type and stages of transplantation will be discussed in details with the clients. Dr. Colin Hong removes the donor strip, suture the area, plan and supervise make all the recipient sites and assist in planting the grafts. In this way, I am intimately involved in overseeing all aspects of the surgery. Dr. Hong would also like to emphasize that he will only perform 1 operation at a time, and do NOT have other hair transplantation surgeries running at the same time. Dr. Hong see all my patients the following day when they return to have their hair washed, as well as seeing patients at 1 week when sutures are removed.