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Our hair transplant clinic, based out of Toronto, is an affordable, professional, and renowned establishment for treating male and female androgenetic alopecia. We are a fully accredited cosmetic surgery facility certified by the Canadian Ambulatory Centre Accreditation Committee.

While it isn’t possible for us to provide a price chart for potential patients, we charge our patients based on the number of grafts necessary to complete each session. To get a more specific quote, we encourage all potential patients to please contact our facility regarding your interest in a hair transplant procedure. After a brief consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with a more specific estimate of cost.

As a rough estimate and an example, a full procedure to the front of the scalp could cost around $4,000 or more (again, depending on the number of grafts necessary to complete the session). A full procedure that includes the crown of the head (back half of the balding area), as well as the front, could cost roughly $6,000 to $9,000, plus tax.

PLEASE NOTE: All costs are in Canadian Dollars.

Financing Your Procedure

Financing for your procedure can be arranged. Dr. Hong uses below patient financing companies: