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Artas® Robotic Hair Transplant

If you’ve experienced dissatisfaction from previous hair transplant procedures, we encourage you to explore our ARTAS or NeoGraft systems. Our ARTAS system makes choosing follicular units for transplantation a swift process for our physicians, considerably shortening your procedure and recovery times.

The ARTAS system is a technological advancement that treats male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, using computer assistance to extract healthy hair follicles for transplantation. Our ARTAS system for hair restoration in Toronto is an affordable method for a hair transplant procedure.

With the ARTAS Robotic hair transplant procedure, follicles are harvested in their natural groupings and then transplanted individually by our physicians. Developed by Restoration Robotics Inc, our ARTAS system is used to quickly extract a large number of grafts (up to 1,000 per hour).

Operated by one of our certified physicians, ARTAS uses a computer-assisted, image-guided robotic arm, equipped with Powered SafeScribe small punches to incise, and an air-suction unit to extract, individual follicular units (FU’s).

Unlike other methods of hair restoration, ARTAS does not use surgical removal of tissue from the scalp, does not leave linear scars after surgery, and requires no need for stitches or staples to close any wounds. ARTAS makes it possible to experience a much quicker recovery time, giving patients the ability to return to normal activities much sooner!


ARTAS has transformed the hair restoration process by expediting recovery times and efficiently choosing and transplanting hair follicles.

  • ARTAS is an incredibly accurate, precise and consistent tool to remove donor hair
  • Zero linear scarring = shorter hair show no signs of procedure
  • Accelerated recovery with minimal post-op irritation
  • Procedure can be successful on existing scar lines from strip procedures


ARTAS is an innovative method for treating male and female androgenetic alopecia by utilizing modern computer technology to accurately control hair transplant efficiency, healing, and consistentcy.

Phase One: Pre-Surgical

First, we begin by giving the patient a mild tranquilizer, either orally (Ativan) or intravenously (Versed), to minimize anxiety, reduce discomfort, and help to prevent, or decrease, any side effects that the anesthetic may cause.

Then, we clip the patient’s hair in the donor area to create a sizeable strip of clipped follicles. If the hair in the donor area is left 1 to 2 inches long, the hair above the donor site should completely mask this area immediately after the procedure.

Phase Two: Surgical

Next, we anesthetize the donor area and the patient with a local anesthetic using a very small gauge needle (typically a 30 gauge, a needle smaller than most acupuncture needles). This is the only uncomfortable part of this procedure. Many patients express that this part of the ARTAS process causes less discomfort than a visit to their dentist! But, for patients who are wary of needles, we can provide an inhalational anesthetic to provide zero pain.

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, our technicians use our ARTAS System, developed by Restoration Robotics Inc., to begin extracting ideal follicle specimens for transplantation. ARTAS allows us to harvest hair follicles much faster and more efficiently while still using the FUE method.

Phase Three: Healing

The recovery from ARTAS robotic hair transplant requires much less time than with most surgical transplant procedures. Since there is no surgical incision or stitches required for the ARTAS procedure, healing time is extremely fast, typically lasting two or three days.

We can provide pain relief medication if need be, but the majority of patients find that the healing process from an ARTAS hair transplant is quite bearable. Most patients can resume normal routine activity within two-three days.