1. Do not take any Aspirin or any blood thinner or alcohol for 48 hours after surgery.
  2. Minor bleeding may occur from the donor site and/or recipient site. This can be controlled by applying gentle pressure on the affected site for less than 5-10 minutes with a clean cloth or gauze provided for you. Press gently, do not rub.
  3. No heavy lifting, strenuous activity (heavy lifting and intense workouts) or contact sports for 5 days.
  4. Do not wear any tight hat, hard hats or any material that could possibly rub off the graft. Only wear button down clothing.
  5. Sleep in upright position for two nights after procedure, either in lazy boy chair or pop up your head with two pillows. This willprevent swelling of the scalp. Do not sleep on your face.
  6. Swelling may occur on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery. The swelling is part of normal healing process, and will disappear within 48 hours. Do not use any heat or hot compresses, as this will only intensify the swelling.
  7. Do not wash your head 4 days after surgery. On the 5th day, you can go under the shower without hitting the grafted site. You may put shampoo in a cup diluted in water and gently pour over your hair, DO NOT RUB. Rinse lightly in shower and do not let the full strength hit your head; it could dislodge the graft.
  8. Scabbing will develop over the recipient site after the procedure. The scabs will fall off naturally within 2 weeks. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH at these at any time, it can risks and alter the healing and possible pull off the grafts.
  9. Take all the medication as directed. Sutures have to be removed 10-12 post-op.
  10. Do not use any ointments or medicated shampoo unless instructed by the physician. This could affect the healing.